Cagerat Baseball – Baseball Training in Colorado Springs

Does your son love baseball and dream of playing college or professionally in the future?

Do you struggle not knowing if the team you are on or the coach you are using will be able to get him to the next level?  CageRat Baseball is your go-to baseball training operation in Colorado Springs and has a long history of developing players who have the skills needed to play at the next level.  CageRats is run by coaches who have many years of experience at the D1 and professional level and know exactly how to get your son where he wants to go.

When you bring your son into his first workout, we will get a baseline of his current skills (throwing velocity, bat speed, and running speed) which we will use to show you exactly how much your son has improved during his time with us.
We have players who have gained as many as 15 mph on bat speed in 1 week!
Here are just a few of the ways CageRats Baseball Training at The Farm Sports in Colorado Springs can help your son whether he is a beginner at age 5 or 18 ready to get to college:
  • Learning the basic mechanics the right way
  • Throw harder
  • Hit Farther
  • Increase range to get to more balls
  • Steal more bases
  • Become more consistent
  • Become a smoother infielder
  • Get recruited by colleges
  • Get better grades in school
  • Become a more confident person and player
  • and so much more….
With the connections to college and professional baseball, along with the in-house experience of the staff, CageRat Baseball is always at the forefront of the best baseball training techniques to help your son become the player he dreams of being.
Interested in getting your son started on their baseball training regime with CageRat Baseball? Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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