CrossFit 719


CrossFit at 719 is more than just a workout in Colorado Springs.

At CrossFit 719 our goal is to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle with a mindful approach to physical movement and nutritional choices. Our staff is made up of fun, outgoing people who LIVE for CrossFit. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders but we will never lose the eagerness to learn and grow!
CrossFit at 719 is more than just a workout. It is a group of people that come together each day determined to make their life better.
At CrossFit 719 in Colorado Springs, we work with all skill sets, abilities, and ages! CrossFit is infinitely scalable meaning every single workout and movement can be modified up or down to fit the individual’s needs! We will make sure you get the perfect workout for you! Let us help you turn those athletic workout goals into reality!
Services We Offer:
  • Unlimited Membership: CrossFit classes and open gym access
  • Open Gym Membership: 24 hour access coming soon!
  • Functional Strength & Conditioning: Great addition for athletes wanting to excel in their sport
  • Personal Training: 1-on-1 individualized program
  • All Might Barbell Club: Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting

Visit us every Saturday for our FREE community day! We have a workout starting at 9 am and yoga at 10am.

“Amazing coaches who really care about your goals. Be it weight loss, nutrition or athletic performance, they all have a vested interest in you and it shows. You are surrounded by people who have similar goals and others who are some of the fittest people you’ve ever seen. They all keep you motivated to do your best every time you come in.” – Jenn R. Colorado Springs, CO

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