CrossFit 719


CrossFit at 719 is more than just a workout.

It is a group of people that come together each day determined to make their life better. Our singular goal is to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle with a mindful approach to physical movement and nutritional choices. Our staff is made up of fun, outgoing people who LIVE for CrossFit. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders but we will never lose the eagerness to learn and grow! “Never become too knowledgeable, experienced, or successful to have the humility and wisdom to listen, learn, and respond to guest and employee alike.”

CrossFit 719 has always been a leader for athletic performance and CrossFit competition in the past and we are excited to bring this knowledge with us to The Farm. We look forward to working with some of the best coaches in our community and providing the base for the sport specific areas they represent. Our dedicated and technical coaching staff as well as our programming are the keys to us being able to take any athlete and develop the necessary functional base needed to excel at their sport. CrossFit is the base but we can tailor any training to accommodate the needs of the athlete.

Services We Offer:

  • Intro Month
  • Unlimited Membership
  • Open Gym (24 hour access)
  • Strength & Conditioning (May 2020)
  • Fit Factory Bootcamp (May 2020)
  • Personal Training

At CrossFit 719 we work with all skill sets and abilities! CrossFit is infinitely scalable meaning every single workout and movement can be modified up or down to fit the individual’s needs! We will make sure you get the perfect workout for you! We are a fitness program of progress and we will fit your needs. Let us help you turn those goals into reality!

Happenings at CrossFit719