Field Rentals

Colorado weather can be unpredictable and make it difficult when you can’t get outside to practice for the upcoming season. Then you have to worry about finding a facility that’s big enough for your entire team! Not to worry, The Farm Sports-Lynmar is the training center you’ve been looking for!

With baseball cages and indoor field space spanning 26,000 square feet, you can hold your entire team practice and training indoors. We have a  full-sized indoor high school field, allowing you to get full field work practice in. We can also have bases at 60’, 70’ and 80’, allowing you to customize for your baseball practice needs.

Field Rental Pricing:

  • 1/3 bay (120’ x 70’) – $200 per hour
    • $175 per hour for 20+ hours
    • $150 per hour for 50+ hours*

*You can book the entire facility with these packages for 3 of your hours. For the full-size high school field, you would need 2/3 of the bay.