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What is Floorball? Seriously, do you know what Floorball is?

Discover Floorball can answer that question for you!  Floorball is a fun and fast stick sport that started in Sweden in the 1970’s and is now played in over 80 countries across the world.  Two teams, consisting of 5 players and a goalie, try to outscore each other by hitting a ball into the opposing team’s net during 3 20-minute periods played on an indoor court.  Besides competitively, Floorball is also played in school in P.E. classes, at recess or after school, and in neighborhoods, just like soccer or football is played here across America.  In Sweden, Floorball is the third most popular sport behind hockey and soccer. In fact, due to the speed and agility required, many professional hockey players credit playing Floorball in the off season with their stick handling skills, making them better hockey players.

People have compared Floorball to indoor/field/floor hockey, broom ball, and lacrosse. What separates Floorball from other sports is that Floorball was created with simplicity, safety and inclusiveness in mind.  The only gear required (above gym clothes and gym shoes) is a stick and a ball. The stick is made of a plastic composite reinforced with carbon fiber making it very lightweight and the ball looks like a “Wiffle Ball” (which will flatten if you step on it). The rules enforce safety as well.  Sticks are on the floor, there is no body checking, and no high sticking (which is anything played above the knee when playing the ball). No pads, helmets, or extra gear for safety is needed, which also makes the sport inexpensive. Boys and girls, men and women can all play floorball. Also, you can start playing floorball at any age, at any fitness level.

Discover Floorball was started by Richard Hedlind to introduce Floorball to kids, schools, community groups, neighborhoods, work groups, athletes, adults — everyone and anyone looking for something new to experience, a sport to play, people to meet, or FUN.  Discover Floorball has helped Academy International Elementary School add Floorball to their P.E. program and after school activities, played Floorball at The YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region, volunteered Floorball activities for R.A.D. (Real Alternatives to Drugs and Drinking), organized adult co-ed floorball teams from Colorado to play in tournaments around the country, and most recently, started a youth floorball club in Colorado Springs.

So let’s get together!  Discover Floorball offers different levels of classes for kids and adults, classes for hockey players, kids and adult leagues, birthday parties, community group events and corporate team-building events.  No gear is required – we provide beginner loaner sticks, balls, and goals, as well as protective eyewear, as needed. However, if you would like to shop our online store, you can find it on our website, www.discoverfloorball.com.  

Come and Discover Floorball with us – you won’t regret it when you do.

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