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Rethinking life with Floorball

Has the monotony of being quarantined with your family started to get to you?  Are you fantasizing about your previously overly committed and stressful days of driving to and from responsibilities, commitments, endless errands and appointments?  Having hurried conversations with your friends and family while drinking endless coffee, or shoveling take out into your body, so that you can make it through each day?  Or what about all the activities, sports, and camps that you can sign your kids up for?  

In no time at all, the “shelter in place” orders will be over and all of us – ALL OF US – will return to what we thought of as our “normal” routines.  Kids will go to school, adults will return to work, appointments will be made for the vet, an oil change, and maybe some root touch-ups, massages, and mani-pedis.  We at Discover Floorball are taking this unique time in our collective history to really take a look at who we are, what we believe in, and why we do what we do. You, too, are probably starting to look at your lives and your livelihoods from a new perspective.

Discover Floorball is here for you.  We started Discover Floorball to introduce the fun, fast, and exciting sport of floorball to everyone – boy or girl, man or woman.  We believe floorball will change your life with fitness, confidence, community, and will bring friends and families together. Do you want to get active?  Have FUN? Start something new? Meet new people? Be a part of a sports movement that is going to the World Games 2021? Did you previously play sports and are looking for another adult league to play in?  Do you want to get your kids into a new activity? Or have your kids try a new sport and have new experiences?  

When “social distancing” is over, Discover Floorball will have all new 8-week, co-ed, beginner and intermediate floorball club sessions for your child in mixed age groups on multiple days of the week.  We will also have adult beginner and intermediate pick-up nights – women’s and co-ed. If you are interested in playing competitively, Discover Floorball is starting kids and adult leagues as well, which will have the opportunity to travel to tournaments around the country.

So sign up!!  We will notify you when we are allowed to start playing again!  It is time to spend your time and energy on what will positively impact your life, your child’s life, and align with who you are and who you want to be.  Frustrated with my overbearing, uptight, minivan-driving, suburban mom life, I have moved our family room furniture out of the way so that we can play floorball at home. 

What are you doing to create the life you want?  

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