Futsal, Pickle-ball and Zumba, oh my!

What is Futsal?

Futsal, the fastest growing form of soccer.

Why do the South Americans and Europeans dominate the world stage?  Futsal!  5 v 5 soccer played on sport court (not turf) with “flat” shoes (not cleats) with a smaller, weighted, minimal bounce futsal ball.  More touches, greater speed, faster decision making…simply the most skilled form of indoor soccer.  Elevate your outdoor game the same way Ronaldinho, Robinho, Coutinho, Neymar, Ronaldo and Pulisic did growing up…with FUTSAL!


Pickle-ball…while a great sport to play in Colorado’s beautiful weather, we all know how many matches are not played due to wind, lightning, snow, etc…VFC2 is excited to offer 4 pickle-ball courts starting September 14, 2020.  We have lined the courts, purchased game nets and constructed all the necessary divider netting based on PPPA recommendations.
So visit www.victoryfc2.com, select the PICKLE-BALL tab then follow the prompts to reserve court time!


Dance, Dance, Dance…Is your gym closed?  Group work out classes still not being offered?  Maybe you are tired of paying membership dues THEN having to pay for classes on top of that!  Well, VFC2 has instructors leading work-out classes for all abilities throughout the week.
Sign up for a Zumba or Rebel Groove class today!

Victory FC Futsal Club

What in the world is Futsal? Futsal is:

• Fast Paced
• High Scoring
• The Only Indoor Soccer Approved by FIFA

This 5 v 5 game is played on sport court or hardwood with no side boards. Unlike American indoor soccer, which has been referred to as hockey on turf, Futsal emphasizes speed, vision, and individual ball skill development.

Have you ever wondered how the elite soccer players you see on T.V. developed their superior ball handling skills and the ability to link so many short passes in tight quarters…they grew up playing Futsal! Famous soccer players like Ronaldinho, Neymar Jr., Ronaldo, and even the USA’s own Christian Pulisic, have all credited Futsal as a cornerstone of their youth soccer development.

Who We Are

Formed in 2010, VictoryFC2 started out as an alternative option for soccer families who wanted to play outdoor soccer at a competitive club level without the required travel, time, and expense. We started out with a middle school boys competitive team, and soon added a middle school girls team. Since that time, VFC2 has grown to include youth teams from fifth grade through high school.

Our Vision

After experiencing Futsal in Europe, the club’s founder, Patrick Malfitano, has had a vision to open a Futsal specific facility here in Southeast Colorado. That vision includes hosting a variety of Futsal leagues, training sessions, developmental camps, and more for those who simply want to have a great time playing the most popular sport in the world. It’s also a great alternative to playing soccer in the constantly changing Colorado weather. Enjoy watching your children play in the warmth and comfort of the beautiful Farm Performance Athletic Center. Soccer moms . . . you’re going to love Futsal!

VictoryFC2 is planning on creating leagues for both youth and adults. Stay tuned as our website will have details posted in the coming weeks (www.victoryfc2.com).

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