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Backcountry Physical Therapy puts you in the express lane to return to sport. When you have an injury occur, trying to rehabilitate yourself is often not your best course of action. Your therapist from Backcountry Physical Therapy has seen hundreds of injuries just like yours and assisted athletes in bringing back full performance in a shorter amount of time. There’s no guessing on if you are doing the right thing or if that thing you found online is going to make things worse or not. Let a doctor of physical therapy be your guide along the way.

What sets us apart from other physical therapists?

In many cases, physical therapy often stops short of full recovery. This is not the way it should be, and we aim to give you a higher level of care. With Backcountry Physical Therapy, you will be taken through a full course of treatment. Not only do we want to get you back performing the way that you were, we actually want to make you BETTER than you were before your injury. By improving strength deficiencies and teaching appropriate movement patterns, your chance for injury or re-injury will be MUCH LESS than if you did not go to your physical therapist. Additionally, your treatments will always be one-on-one, so your therapist will have plenty of time to get to know you and completely understand what your needs and your goals might be.

How does physical therapy help in recovery?

At Backcountry Physical Therapy, we follow a 3 step process that follows a progression of your abilities to make sure you are able to safely move on to greater challenges. Each is labeled in the same way that the difficulty ratings are on a ski slope.

  • Green – This is the first phase of recovery, which involves finding restricted movements and mobilizing the body to move more freely. This may include stretching and/or hands-on techniques.

  • Blue – Here we work on teaching your joints how to maintain stability with the new-found movements you were able to get through the green phase.

  • Black Diamond – This is the long term plan for you that includes the strengthening phase. Before, it was mentioned that you need to walk away from physical therapy with a better and stronger body than you had coming into care. You learn where your deficiencies lie and how to correct them. This leads to a lower chance of injury and will also translate into better athletic performance.

If you think physical therapy might be the right option for you, don’t delay in reaching out to us. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you will be able to return to the meaningful things in life that you love. To ask questions or set up an appointment, please call 719-285-9670 or send an email to!

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