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What does every college and professional baseball and fastpitch player have in common? It’s not a magic pill, strictly genetics or athleticism, and it’s definitely not just luck. The best players have all taken hundreds of thousands of reps. Hitters spend hours upon hours in cages, pitchers have thrown pitch after pitch, and defenders have taken ground ball after ground ball while practicing their footwork.

At The Farm Sports, we’ve been those athletes and parents who have put in the hours. With over 50 years of experience at the D1 and professional level as players, coaches, and parents, we’ve taken what we’ve learned and built a facility to help you or your child reach their full potential.

Get the Most Out of Your Experience

Our center has a total of 6 cages: 15’ x 70’ cages for hitting, pitching, or defense. These cages are available to rent by the hour at $35/hr.

Rentals come with an L-Screen for the pitcher’s protection, a tee and a bucket of baseball or softballs. We do not have pitching machines available to rent.


We also have turf field to rent as well. Each space is 70′ x 120′ and rents for $150/hr. You can rent up to two spaces (if availability allows) giving you an indoor high school sized infield. Please note – we have very limited availability so please call for more information.

Rental Pricing



1-hour 70′ cage



1-hour 70’X120′ turf field

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