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Creating The Ultimate Athletic Performance Facility While Supporting & Driving Success For Local Athletic Businesses in Colorado Springs, Colorado

So far, one of the driving factors for the complete renovation and success of The Farm Sports-Lynmar was the ability to go out into the region and hand-select some of the best local Colorado Springs athletic workout training businesses to bring into our community.

We believe a big part of the draw for current and future clients who want to use The Farm Sports-Lynmar along with all of our tenants is there is something for every member of your family to do.

Normally, families of youth athletes have to drive all over El Paso County (and sometimes all of Colorado) to take their multiple children to events.

No more!

While your son is practicing for baseball, your daughter could be playing volleyball and you could be getting a workout in at CrossFit or MMA! If you have some aches and pains or aren’t feeling well, you could also check out the chiropractor or physical therapist…or get IV hydration therapy at Elevation Hydration! You could also just sit back, relax, and get some great food or a drink at the Courtside Grill while you’re waiting on a practice to finish up!

All of these different items (and more) can now happen under one roof! The Farm Sports-Lynmar in Colorado Springs is an athletic training business sporting complex unlike any other in the state of Colorado!

As of right now, we have 10 of the top sports businesses in Colorado Springs who will be in The Farm for a long time to come. These include:

  1. CageRat Sports
  2. Team Colorado Volleyball
  3. Discover Floorball
  4. Elevation Hydration
  5. North End Chiropractic
  6. Back Country Physical Therapy
  7. CrossFit 719
  8. Peak MMA
  9. Courtside Grill
  10. Victory FC Futsal Club

CageRat Sports has been one of the top producers of college baseball players in the state of Colorado since its creation in 2010. Since 2010, CageRat Baseball has moved over 175 players onto the college and professional ranks. CageRat has had success by focusing heavily on its player development program, which helps players make great strides in the 3 facets that matter most in baseball; arm strength, bat speed, and running speed. With the new building, CageRat will add softball into its program offerings.

Team Colorado Volleyball, led by UCCS head coach, Chrissy Elder, focuses on a combination of “academy style” training and live game play. This offers the most well-rounded approach for their athletes, developing the skills that each players can take into the next step of their careers.

Discover Floorball will have the ONLY dedicated floorball space in the Americas! Discover Floorball’s purpose is to help Floorball gain popularity in the United States. Floorball is a fast, fun, and safe hockey style sport that used a lightweight stick and a wiffleball. Floorball is one of the biggest sports in Europe and is very popular among NHL players all over.

Elevation Hydration is the first IV hydration therapy service in Colorado Springs and the southern Front Range. Elevation Hydration delivers intravenous vitamins for both athletes and busy people to help them recover better, stay healthy, focus better at work, and perform better at whatever they do!

North End Chiropractic focuses on both immediate relief to long-term wellness to help empower each of their clients to live better. They are committed to help their clients resume their lifelong pursuit of health, fitness, and well-being.

CrossFit 719 strives to be a group of people that come together each day determined to make their lives better. Their goal is to help each client achieve a healthy lifestyle with a mindful approach to physical movement and nutritional choices.

Courtside Grill will serve as a full-service bar and grill for families and clients both involved at The Farm and community residents to enjoy a great meal while watching and supporting our local athletic community. Courtside will serve both your typical bar menu, as well as healthy café options and grab and go meals for our athletes.

Victory FC Futsal Club Formed in 2010, VictoryFC2 started out as an alternative option for soccer families who wanted to play outdoor soccer at a competitive club level without the required travel, time, and expense.

Supporting small business is what drives our economy and is going to make The Farm Sports-Lynmar successful. We look forward to watching all of our tenants thrive and help grow the Colorado Springs athletic community!

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