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Now Available: Zumba – The New Athletic Workout Classes Offered At The Farm Sports in Colorado Springs

VFC2 is happy to announce that we will be offering Zumba classes at The Farm Sports in Colorado Springs!

Zumba is described as an eventful athletic workout & aerobatic fitness program that is inspired by traditional Latin dance styles. This exercise style is performed during a class-like style to encourage engagement and upbeat momentum. Zumba exercise classes are more than the calories you’ll burn (and trust us, you will burn a lot of calories) but they’re about the energy you’ll exert and the empowerment you’ll feel when you’re going through the steps of the class. Plus, you’ll leave feeling better than ever. After all, who doesn’t love energetic Latin dancing styles?

We swear these Zumba classes are actually exercising classes. Come try one out for yourself at The Farm Sports in Colorado Springs.

Zumba Exercise Class Times:

$7 per class or #30 or 5.

No membership is necessary.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9am -10am

Register at: VictoryFC2.com

A little unsure about joining our new Zumba exercise classes at The Farm in Colorado Springs? Contact us! We’ll clear up any confusion you may have!

New Exercise Classes in Colorado Springs - Zumba

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