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Meet NorthEnd Chiropractic Center

NorthEnd Chiropractic Center has been treating injury and improving performance with athletes since 1999.

We are very excited about the opportunity to treat athletes at The Farm. Helping people perform at their best is one of our core values. Both of our Doctors, Dr. White and Dr. Christopherson, are former collegiate athletes, and have dealt with their fair share of injuries and resonate with their clients desire to the sport they love.

Curious about our doctors? Here is a short introduction.

Dr. Caleb White is a 2007 graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College and a 2003 graduate of Pittsburg State University. At PSU Dr. White was an All American division II football player, graduating with academic honors. He then received his doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Cleveland Chiropractic College. After an internship at the VA hospital in Kansas City, he and his wife Megan moved to Colorado Springs where he became the clinical director of NorthEnd Chiropractic Center. With his past experience with college athletics, his primary passion in practice it to treat every patient like an athlete that is trying to get back to their sport, whether this be raising a child, going to the office, or preparing for competition.

Dr. Tim Christopherson was a committed athlete throughout his youth and was fortunate to obtain several collegiate offers for both football and basketball.  Upon completion of his first collegiate basketball season, Dr. Christopherson turned his focus towards school where he achieved his Bachelors of Science conjoined with his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree (2006).  Dr. Christopherson more recently relocated back to Colorado (2018) to join the shared vision at NorthEnd Chiropractic Center in becoming the gold standard in Colorado Springs for performance achievement through the use of Chiropractic Care and other soft tissue techniques.

Now that you know a little bit more about the doctors, let’s talk about treatment and how we can help you keep up your game. NorthEnd Chiropractic Center continues to stay current with the treatment it utilizes. We will be using a variety of Chiropractic adjustment techniques along with some soft tissue manipulation techniques (such as IASTM & Dry Needling) to help facilitate repair to allow the athletes body to return to performing. These will be the primary tools used to allow for improved function with treatment, but we will also use other adjunctive care as needed. For those that have injuries, we have a passion to get you back from injury effectively and as quick as possible. For those of you looking to push your performance, we can help facilitate proper balance, body control, and function through our treatment.

We can’t express how excited we are to be a part of such a wonderful community being built at The Farm. We look forward to help all succeed in their sport and improve their quality of life.

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